Day 3

Who loves farmers markets? I do! This morning we drove to Wild Oats Farmers Market in Sedgefield. ( Link here! ) It was overcast and slightly chilly and rain was in the forecast. I was excited to scope out the merchants for souvenirs, artwork, and most importantly food. (You know my love for food)


0d8ca254-8e97-4279-9849-de0f5c1fa563 - Copy(The market was crowded despite the rainy day)


Speaking of food, we started our day by walking thru the stalls, checking out the large selection of goodies. There was everything from falafel, breakfast sandwiches, schwarma, pastries, tarts, to vegan omelettes. I chose a smoked salmon croissant with scrambled eggs and chives.


6e9d2bc9-0ac9-47cd-8288-74072b12f6fe - Copy(Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and chives. A delicious morning treat)


Prince of Tarts looked too good to pass by, so I splurged and brought home a few: lemon curd, raspberry cheesecake, and chocolate caramel. I also sampled a Brazilian pastry called Lolita, which contained a guava filling and had powdered sugar and cheese on top. To wash it all down, I went with a classic cappuccino. Hannah and I sat with our drinks at a make-shift table comprised of an old tree stump.


IMG_9066(Delectable desserts)


We perused through the crafts section. I picked up a few small gifts (sorry no telling) and got something for myself. Annie’s friend crafts beautiful ceramic sculptures of animals. I picked out a gray-blue sperm whale with beautiful markings. A fun little fact about me is that I always grab a local artists work from every country I visit. I got a great piece from an artist named Jurgens Walt. You can find him on Instagram at Click me 🙂


6c53459a-5c0e-4a76-b7c2-a08f24875f84 - Copy(Hannah’s americano and my cappuccino)


On the way home from the market we went to the Garden Route Mall in George to see Avengers: End Game. I had been wanting to see it but had no time prior to coming to South Africa. I won’t spoil anything, but make sure you bring a box of tissues. It was a great end to a Saturday out!


PS: Happy birthday Annie 🙂


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